Top five reasons to get your masters degree

Deciding to get your masters degree is a big step in advancing your career. Some might make a pros and cons list to consider the time, effort and financial investments. However, earning an advanced degree has more impact than just financial on your life and the lives of those around you. Here are the top five reasons to get your masters degree.

Become a more valuable employee

Education impacts everyone differently, but most will agree that education is a value-added benefit to an employee. It not only teaches you new skills, but it can enhance your emotional intelligence, as well. Emotional intelligence training is one of the top needs of organizations in today’s society. Some organizations require employees to complete continuing education credits in a related field, and a masters degree is one way to do that.

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Gain the skills and knowledge to become a better leader

Those who have masters degrees not only advance in their careers, but can make a real difference at home and in their communities. A masters degree helps students become more well-rounded. They are challenged to think about how they can positively impact their households and the communities in which they live and work.

Learn to think differently

When you get a masters degree, you begin to think differently. You start to think more critically about problems and find creative solutions. It also broadens your worldview and allows you to consider topics in a different way than you have before.

Prepare for a career change

Maybe you feel “stuck” in your current position. Getting a masters degree provides an opportunity to make a career change. You will not only enhance your professional skills and knowledge, but perhaps learn about a new topic that you become passionate about.

And yes, receive a pay raise

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that those with a masters degree can earn up to $12,000 more each year than someone with only a bachelors degree. Making the initial investment into getting a masters degree could have a greater long-term impact and provide an opportunity for a raise or promotion at work.

At Bluffton University…

We understand the importance of education and advancing yourself through earning a masters degree. Because of this, we launched the Corporate and Education Partners Program. Employees at partner organizations receive tuition discounts as they gain career advancement skills and valuable training opportunities while earning their degree.

Written by Claire Clay, marketing coordinator, 2020 Bluffton University MBA grad