Why get involved on campus?

How might you get involved on campus as a first-year student? Let us count the ways – and the reasons – that it is a good idea to consider extracurricular opportunities along with academics when considering a college.

You will be a better student and strengthen your resume by getting involved in collegiate clubs and organizations. In addition to the obvious benefit of meeting people and making friends.

6 reasons to get involved on campus

Make friends


By joining a campus club or organization you’ll meet people from across campus not just those you live with. Get to know people with a common interest – whether it be media, or music, or anime, or whatever. You’ll have found your people.

Network with alumni who often feel great affinity to ‘their’ club. Plus, many academic organizations have national conferences which you could attend and network with professionals in your area of study.

Explore interests

Have you always wanted to try your hand in theatre, or in student leadership, or…? Do it! If you can’t imagine your life without the activity you’ve done all through high school, stay with it in college. If you want to try something different? Now’s your chance!

Stress relief

It is good to get out of your dorm room once in a while. It is important to occasionally step away from the books to clear your head. Getting involved on campus is a good way to make sure you take regular study breaks.

Build your resume

Future employers are going to look for examples of teamwork, leadership, communication and collaboration skills. Working with others to reach a common goal through campus organizations gives concrete examples of your initiative, leadership skills and ability to manage projects.

Become a better student

Additional responsibilities, whether it be a campus job or involvement in campus organizations, can make you a better student. It sounds counter-intuitive. There’s even been studies done on this! Don’t believe it? Google it! Being an active student leads to higher retention, higher graduation rates and higher GPA as you learn to set priorities, create a work/life balance and increase your time management skills.

Make memories

Ten years from now, what will you remember about college? Hint: It will be the people. It will be the activities, the things that you do. Will you make memories during study groups? Of course. However, you will make many more memories by getting involved on campus.

At Bluffton University

Learning at Bluffton University goes beyond the traditional classroom. Our wide variety of student organizations are key outlets for students to expand their knowledge and real-life experiences.

Whatever your interests – from academic pursuits to sports and recreation, from community outreach to student government – Bluffton has nearly 60 different co-curricular organizations on campus. And if you can’t find the group you’re looking for, you can start your own!