Can I major in health and fitness?

Majors in health, fitness and sport science are rising in popularity as the entertainment of sports is becoming more widespread and professional. There are many majors and minors in health, fitness and athletics departments. They range from business, management, science and health within the field of sports and leisure services.

What majors are available for students interested in health, fitness and athletics?

Majors include exercise science, strength and conditioning, sport and recreation leadership and sport management. Some majors focus more on health and physical sciences like exercise science. Other majors like sport management include business courses to complement your education in sports. You can pair sports with almost any other degree. This is also helpful if you would like to add on a minor.

Do I have to be athletic to major in this department?

You don’t necessarily need to be athletic to major in these areas, but many athletes choose one of these majors. If you have a passion for sports, athletics or fitness, then this the perfect route for you. There are classes for all levels, and you will learn more about an area you are interested in.

What type of courses are offered?

Depending on your specific major, your classes will be narrowed to your field of study within sports. Examples of popular courses are Sport Ethics, Leadership, Outdoor Recreation, Sport Communication, Competitive Strength Training, Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Coaching Methods and Fitness Assessment Techniques to name a few. As you take more classes, you may find new interests within the sports and health field. You can choose courses that complement your skills and increase your knowledge.

Along with plenty of courses, there are multiple internship opportunities that allow students to gain hands-on learning and experience in the field. Discover what options you have for courses and internships by talking to your advisor.

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What are some possible careers?

Graduates who choose a health, fitness and athletics major are able to get careers in a wide variety of settings. An example is working with professional teams in sales, marketing or special promotion. You could also work in facility management or lead a sports-related business. You might have the possibility of working in community centers, YMCAs, commercial businesses, corrections, or gyms for personal training. Of course, graduate school for athletic training, cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy and chiropractic services are also great options.

At Bluffton University…

Bluffton University’s Health, Fitness and Sport Science department helps students discover a wide range of learning experiences in the education, recreation, wellness and sport management areas. With four majors and four minors available, students are able to prepare for specific health or sport career paths that suit their skills. Look into scheduling a visit today to see how Bluffton’s HFSS department is devoted to a healthier world.

Written by Kaylee Rauch ’26, public relations student assistant, with information from Tami Forbes, associate professor of health, fitness and sport science.