What can I do with a business major?

Do you like working with money? Have you found an interest in following patterns and creating systems? Are you a person who enjoys delegating tasks and accomplishing goals? Then studying business sounds right for you! A degree in a business field prepares you for many vocations, establishes important social skills, and teaches fundamental economic and social patterns.

What skills will I develop?

There is a wide range of skills that any business professional could have. Some you will develop through your classes include communication, the ability to understand numbers and figures, creativity, and management.

Some individuals have numbers and quantitative data skills. Social business skills are also beneficial when communicating. Whether it is managing a team or working with clients so many types of skills are implemented to conduct business. Some professionals are dreamers who think about big-picture strategy although most organizations need a lot more managers who are good at implementation than creative visionaries. 

The wide variety of skills and personalities that organizations need are why so many college graduates from all majors end up working in business or management at some point in their careers.

What majors are there in the business department?

The business department has many majors along with plenty of different concentrations. Economics straddles the social sciences and business world. Accounting which is the language of business is used for measuring and communicating value. Marketing is the art of persuasion and informing customers. Information technology is the management of computer systems. There are also plenty of minors in these areas of study.

Tailored concentrations are also available. These could include human resources management, international business, insurance and financial services, management, nonprofit management, project management or supply chain management. Seek the help of an advisor from your school to determine which major, minor or concentration would be best for you.

What internship opportunities could I have?

Most business degree programs require internships and hands-on work experience. Internships could range from small tasks to advanced, dynamic projects. Many businesses and corporations, both for and non-profit, have opportunities for interns. These opportunities provide students with ways to experience possible vocations while learning valuable skills for future careers.

Find out what internship opportunities are available to you by working with your advisor.

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Careers: What can I do with a business major?

Almost any career could use the skills and knowledge learned from a business major. Possible vocations a business degree prepares for are an entrepreneur, accountant, marketer, manager, CEO, insurance agent, financial advisor and so much more. There are countless job options and careers.

At Bluffton University…

Bluffton University offers five majors in business and 10 different concentrations. With expansive courses, experiential internships and specific concentrations, Bluffton University seeks to create well-rounded business professionals for all types of vocations.

Written by Kaylee Rauch ’26, public relations student assistant and Dr. Jonathan Andreas, business department chair