What can I do with a music major?

Music degrees and the various concentrations within those degrees provide graduates with a variety of career pathways. Education, ministry, production, publication and arts management are just a few of the general directions one can go with this type of degree. A degree in music opens up a wide variety of careers, job opportunities and lifestyles. Keep reading if you find yourself asking, “What can I do with a music major?”

What skills do I need?

The most important skill that someone could have is desire. In musical art you take classes for knowledge, but you also develop a craft. There is a time and energy commitment to personal development in any artistic endeavor. Being part of a college’s music department means so much more than just having musical skill. Time management, healthy habits, determination, practice and improving musical talent are all much needed skills.

What classes should I take?

Many liberal arts colleges offer a wide variety of courses for students both within and without the major. Most often those majoring in music have core classes that are sequential or have prerequisites. Ensembles and lessons are available to all students and are sometimes included in the creative arts competency list of classes.

Possible courses which might be offered in are Music Theory, Aural Skills, Choral Society, Performance Studies and many more. Popular ensembles that you could perform in are Jazz, Instrumental or Choral. There are courses in applied music, teaching music, music ministry and music business.

Career opportunities

Depending on the passion of the individual, there are many opportunities in the industry. In addition to the creation of music, performance, instruction and service are some of the areas where a musical graduate could find their calling. Possible careers could be a worship leader, a teacher and jobs in music management.

Once you determine what to major in, your next step is to declare a major!

At Bluffton…

Bluffton University currently offers a music degree. Students can minor in music or participate in performance groups and ensembles while majoring in another area of study. Bluffton University is an All-Steinway Institution. Music ensemble grants are available!

Written by Kaylee Rauch ’26, public relations student assistant, with information from Dr. Roy Couch, associate professor of music