Why join student organizations in college?

Why do you go to college? For the education of course! However, going to class and preparing for the technical aspects of your future career is just one way to grow and learn as a young adult. Developing soft skills—perseverance, networking and collaboration to name a few—is also a key part of the educational experience. In addition to classes, these skills can be developed by taking part in student clubs and organizations on campus. From intramural athletics to professional clubs, five current students from Bluffton University shared about the student organizations they are involved with and answer the question: Why join student organizations in college?

Make friends

Future teacher Ezra D. is a member of Bluffton’s spirit squad and the Bluffton Education Organization, a professional organization for education majors. As the only student from his high school on campus, Ezra “plunged in and started building new relationships from scratch.” He learned more about opportunities on campus by attending Bluffton’s student involvement fair held during Welcome Weekend.  

“It’s good to be well-rounded, and I made it a point to make friends with people who have different careers in mind and different interests than mine,” said Ezra. “It opened my eyes to different points of views and helped me become a more empathetic person.”

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Build community

Emma S., a student who remains undecided in her major, is a member of Multicultural Student Organization and is planning to join Bluffton’s service organization in the future. She says MSO events have helped her meet new people, find a mentor on campus and develop community

“One of the first events I went to was a speaker who shared about how different cultures on campus come together to form one university and how we are all connected in in different ways,” said Emma.

She routinely checks in with the club’s advisor when she just “needs someone to talk to.” She’s looking forward to connecting with alumni who speak on campus as she nears graduation to develop broader connections and networks at Bluffton and beyond.

Discover new interests and talents

Clara M., nutrition and dietetics major, is a two-sport athlete on campus and developed many friendships among her teammates. However, she applied to become a President’s Ambassador, as a way to learn more about the campus community and broaden her horizons. President’s Ambassadors provide campus tours, network with alumni and complete regular trainings/activities for professional development.

“I’ve always enjoyed public speaking, but I never would have that thought by the end of my freshman year I would be speaking at an event like that,” said Clara. “It really built my confidence and made me discover what talents I have.”

Clara is also a member of the Bluffton University Nutrition Association and has enjoyed honing skills for her major.

Relieve Stress

As an exercise science major, student-athlete and member of several campus organizations, Kelly A. is juggling a lot of responsibilities. However, being a member of Marbeck Activities Council has provided an outlet for her rigorous schedule. She enjoys helping other students get out of their dorm rooms and away from their computer screens and textbooks through events such as karaoke, crafts and bingo!

“I believe students rely on us a lot to help them get away from their stressors for a little bit,” explained Kelly. “That’s what makes MAC so fun. Being at the events is stress relieving for me too.”

Develop your resume

Why join student organizations in college? The final reason deals with life after college. Noah H., a communication and media major, is involved in several campus organizations, as well as being an RA and having a campus job. However, of all his experiences, he believes being a President’s Ambassador (like Clara) is his biggest resume builder.

“I get to interact with a lot of different people from current and prospective students to alumni,” explained Noah. “This year I’m a Lead Ambassador which means I’m developing my organizational and leadership skills and learning to be a mentor.”

Initially uncertain about his major and changing it a few times, Noah says learning more about campus and the various departments also helped him solidify his career path.

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Why Join Student Organizations at Bluffton University…

Our community extends far beyond the classroom. With more than 60 student organization, 18 athletic teams, and dozens of ways to experience the arts and spiritual life, you will find your place.

Our Live Well weekends are designed to strengthen your ties to the community and help you find interests that allow you to thrive. Some student favorites include Freshman Olympics during Welcome Week, Finals Breakfast at the end of fall semester and Riley Creek Festival to close out the year.

Written by Tricia Bell, content manager