Next steps to accept college admission

Congratulations! You’ve researched many colleges, sent in your application and been admitted to the college of your choice! Now what?

Here are seven steps you can take now to accept college admission and make your transition to college go smoothly in the fall.

#1 – Deposit

The first step is to accept college admission. Most colleges require a financial deposit when you accept admission. This non-refundable deposit is typically applied toward your tuition.

#2 – Housing questionnaire

After you have accepted the offer of admission by paying the deposit, the university will ask you to submit several forms to prepare for your arrival.

For instance, student life professionals match roommates based on information from the housing questionnaire for residential students. The sooner you are assigned a roomie, the sooner you can get to know him/her.

#3 – Notify other colleges

If you have applied to several colleges, let the ones you have chosen not to attend know of your decision. It will save you from multiple phone calls, emails, postcards, etc.

#4 – Finalize financial aid

Touch base with your college’s financial aid office to make sure they have everything they need. Consider retaking the ACT. A higher ACT score may result in additional merit-based scholarships. Research and apply for as many outside scholarships and grants as possible.

#4 – Orientation/class registration

A campus visit introduces you to the college. Orientation events help you find your place on campus. You will register for classes, learn more about the services available and meet your future classmates.

#5 – Connect with classmates

After you have met your classmates, start making connections and building friendships through social media, road trips and the like.

#6 – Pack your bags

You have time before you have to start packing for college. However, it is not a bad idea to start thinking about what you may need or want to make your college residence hall room your own.

#7 – Enjoy your summer!